The second of my Ramen double whammy was this incredible bowl of Kakuni Ramen at Tetsuya in Koenji. After getting totally soaked and cold at the Awa Odori festival Ramen was the perfect choice for warming up. This shops headquarters are located up north in Hokkaido and this is their only location in Tokyo. The kakuni which is chunks of fatty stewed pork was just amazing. I can’t wait o go back and have another bowl.

Kakuni Ramen Tetsuya Koenji 角煮らーめんてつや高円寺


  1. 22 March 10:37 pm

    Kakuni ramen tetsuya e8 a7 92 e7 85 ae e3 82 89 e3 83 bc e3 82 81 e3 82 93 e3 81 a6 e3 81 a4 e3 82 84.. Peachy :)

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